About Rollerface

Rollerface was founded over a decade ago, beginning with love for skates and rolling with friends and family. Passionate about sports & outdoor recreation, coupled with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit, led us to start our small business in Mexico City by building our skating brand, using only top-quality components to develop our line of products.

This resulted in premium-quality skates & protective gear that we keep at affordable prices.

Premium-Quality Roller

We are a brand known for our original design and premium- qualityroller, inline, and free skates,along with our collection of protective gear.Today, we are themarket leader in roller skates in Latin America, and ready to make it a top brand in North America and other latitudes.

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We are excited to roll with you in every park, city, beach, and roller skate rink around.

Rollerface is a label that has always been community and customer-oriented

Always true to our passions and inspired by the vibrant skater community, we aim to support, enrich, and empower them by creating something that is more than just a brand.

At Rollerface, we are simply passionate about the skating lifestyle and the products we share with the community,

So here we are to bring you a great shopping and skating experience every time you roll.